Citizens Network Watchdog Poland is an independent, apolitical and non-profit organization in the form of a watchdog and think-do-tank organization for the public benefit. Over the last nineteen years we have been working for transparency in the public realm, good government and the accountability of power in Poland.

We defend the right to information. We regard it not only as the condition of a good state but above all, as an inviolable human right which safeguards human dignity, allows freedom of expression and ensures protection from the abuse of power. We are empowering citizens to feel that they have the right to find out how government and state institutions function as well as influence decision-making and the management of public assets (such as taxpayers money). We provide legal advice as well as teach how to act effectively in situations where state institutions do not respect citizens’ rights.

Over the years we have built up a sound knowledge on the topic of access to public information, civil control and common decision-making by citizens in public matters. Providing legal advice has given us the opportunity to get to know closely thousands of specific cases as well as having participated in judicial proceedings — a significant number of which we have won.

We are directly engaged in work at local level – every year we take part in numerous meetings with residents in towns and villages all over Poland. Thanks to this, we know about topics which are of interest to us both from the perspective of the capital, where regulations are made as well as local areas, where laws are applied (or not!).

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