Number of people engaged

We have around sixty actively involved members from across Poland who are experts-practitioners in the area of right to information and about 300 people engaged in working for openness and transparency.

Ludzie Sieci Watchdog

Additionally we constantly increase a number – around 3,000 at the moment – of people who support our ideas, sign petitions, comment on the topic of openness.

Our campaigns that were supported by people are as follows:

  • Openess is on Each Side campaign encouraging candidates in municipal elections to promise to be more transparent when they win. 2014
  • Self-government reforms – submitting proposals amending several laws in a way that obliges institutions to proactively publish the information interesting for citizens. 2015
  • Openess of electoral campaign – campaign encouraging the parties that have their candidates in Presidential elections to publish who supported them financially. 2015
  • Our Ombudsman – campaign for the civic candidate to hold this position. 2015