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Support the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland

As an organization whose purpose is to monitor the authorities – for the sake of our credibility – we do not accept support from any administrative institutions. That is why we need your help. If you can support our efforts financially, please send your donation to our bank account:

Citizen Network Watchdog Poland, Ursynowska 22/2, 02-605 Warszawa

Bank account: Volkswagen Bank Direct PL 29 2130 0004 2001 0343 2101 0001

Or make a donation online

If you wish to help us with your expertise or if you would like to propose some other form of cooperation please contact Joanna Gucman-Muż (

Why the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland is worth supporting?

Our actions help to improve the transparency of administration. We use different methods to make actions of different institutions more transparent, open and responsive and therefore friendlier to citizens, entrepreneurs and officials;

We act ethically, transparently and reliably. Our actions and expenses are made public. You can view them in the Public Information Bulletin.

We operate locally,support and cooperate with people who make their local reality more friendly to all citizens. Our Network consists of about 300 people, who participate in our activities.

We monitor the actions of the authorities on different levels, whether it be a municipality, district, province or the whole country. We make sure that the Article 61 of Polish Constitution and the Act on Access to Public Information is observed and realized. We are not afraid to take legal action in our struggle to provide every person with the Right to Know.

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