Legal position and opinions

We advocate for better, pro-openness legal and organizational regulations that provide framework for citizens to influence the decision makers. We also aim at increasing quality of the law-making process to be evidence-based.

Our activities include submitting opinions in the decision-making process, encouraging institutions such as the Human Rights Defender (the Ombudsman) or the National Justice Board to act and intervene in the situations when rights are abused. We undertake our own actions when it is legally possible for us to intervene. We also take part in public consultations of the programmes that enforce the capacity of citizens to act together for the public benefit.

 During 14 years we issues almost a 100 statement that are available in our Public Information Bulletin (in Polish).

The papers that were translated into English are presented below.


Photo Dean Calma / IAEA, prawa IAEA Imagebank CC-BY-SA 2.0